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B.Ionic the original from USA many have often tried to copy this product but never succeeded


B-Ionic was developed in the USA in 1995 in order to achieve the preservation of the optimal water parameters in a seawater aquarium with only two components. This development revolutionized the operation of a seawater aquariums.


Why deal with complex and expensive water additives as well as many different means, when I can achieve the same result by the simplest addition of two coordinated components?


When using the same dosing quantities of the individual components, the aquarist can easily comply with the calcium, magnesium and alkalinity values without having to mix additives, disturb the ion balance or add organic chemicals.


B-Ionic provides not only the highly concentrated calcium and alkalinity required for calcification, but also all other important main, secondary and trace elements in the right conditions to duplicate the composition of natural seawater.


As a result, B-Ionic helps to restore inorganic ions lost due to metabolic processes and maintain the ion balance of aquarium water.


The B-Ionic system does not contain phosphates or nitrates.

Our recommended starting dose is 1 ml of each component per 15 liters of aquarium content per day. Maintain alkalinity between 3.0 and 3.75 meq /liter (8.4 and 10.5 dKH) through daily tests and appropriate dose adjustment. Depending on the calcium content and alkalinity value in the aquarium, the initial dose may need to be significantly adjusted to achieve the desired initial parameters. Until a balance of the parameters is achieved, the dosage of component 1 or 2 can be different.


Never add more than 1 ml per 15 litres of aquarium water to each component in a period of 24 hours.


Never let the pH rise above 8.45. Once the correct dose for your aquarium has been determined, the tests can be performed less frequently.


If you use lime water in addition to the B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System, proceed as described above, but start with 1 ml of each component per 30 liters of aquarium water per day. Detailed instructions can be found on our product label.


Component A - Carbonate alkalinity: 2800 mÄq / litre (7840 dKH). 1 ml per gallon of aquarium water increases alkalinity by 0.74 meq / litre (2.07 dKH).

Component B - Calcium concentration: 54,000 ppm calcium ions. 1 ml per gallon of aquarium water increases the calcium concentration by 16 ppm.

Aqua Seduction Touch Controller

The Aqua Seduction Touch Controller is an innovative control unit with a 7" display. The widescreen touchscreen facilitates programming and provides the clearest graphics display. The touch controller allows the user to access the most important parameters of the aquarium (PH,Redox, conductivity, temperature, oxygen, etc.) and set programs for the management of the devices connected to the system (i.e. pumps, heaters, etc.).


The device connects to the web through an integrated Ethernet module or supports a Wi-Fi module (not included). The user interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Network connections make it possible to control and manage the parameters over the Internet. The system has an automatic mail system that sends reports and alerts to the owner.




Compatible with Windows and IOS systems, the Aqua Touch controller offers a LAN port, two USB ports and SD card readers. It is compatible with a wide range of products: modules, interfaces, luminaires and accessories.



Touch controller allows you to manage one or more aquariums, freshwater and sea water at the same time.




LED lighting for fresh and sea water

Modern design and the combined use of narrow anodized aluminum heatsinks as well as individually interchangeable acrylic protection covers of the LED underline the uniqueness of the luminaires. High light output due to the use of LED from Cree and an ultra modern processor control from Aqua Seduction enable spectacular lighting effects to be achieved in the aquarium. The AquaSeduction luminaires do not have any lenses and provide the aquarium with the entire amount of light by means of a 120° of light output per led. Since there is no bundling of the light rays by lenses, there is no danger of coral bleaching. Due to the special design of the LED luminaire, active cooling by fans was dispensed with on the actual LED luminaire. The LEDcontrol is housed separately, e.g. in the aquarium cabinet and is protected from any moister .


Waves without electricity



The SQUID is a water current director or wave generator that works without electricity. The SQUID changes the introduced freshwater or seawater in two or more directions, depending on the installation. Whether aquarium or pond, the SQUID can be used everywhere. The patented device, which requires no electricity, directs the water between two outlet openings at different time intervals. The higher the volume of water flowing through the SQUID, the faster the switching frequency.

Top aquariums all over the world - such as

Atlantis Marine World, Birch Aquarium already use the SQUID